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COMPACK 4-5 completes the series of compact screw compressors designed by KTC
A concrete answer to users in the field of compressed air requiring a powerful, small footprint machine.
KTC offers ideal solutions for car wash businesses
Pick the right compressor for your carwash
Concept of “tailor-made” air
Innovation and evolution are essential goals for us
KME VSD: the latest compressor with Inverter technology by KTC
A series of screw compressors for different needs, with power range from 7.5 to 15 kW and direct drive
KTC wishes you happy holidays
Thanks to all our clients and suppliers, consultants and collaborators
2018, lots of interesting news to look forward to
The evolution of screw compressors continues
KLE PLUS, now in an even more efficient version
Find out all the new features of the updated version of Ktronic software
Only the best air at KTC
KTC had the pleasure of hosting "L'officina della musica”
KME PLUS series: discover all the features and accessories
Screw compressors for all sorts of needs, with a power range from 18 to 55 kW and belt-driven