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specializes in the development and production of rotary screw compressors that offer technologically unique solutions in the compressed air sector.

The quality is guaranteed. of KTC products is; ensured by rigorous checks in all phases of the production process and by the use of excellent components, with valves and screw units from VMC S.p.a., which is responsible for this; the parent company.

The consolidated corporate know-how of the VMC WORLD industrial group and the constant activity; of research and development, have allowed KTC to create a range of high-efficiency rotary screw compressors, which make and of the ease; of use and maintenance, a characteristic recognized throughout the compressed air market.


KTC believes in innovative, high-performance products and in rigorous quality control of the production processes, which guarantee the creation of a product of excellence in its sector. Furthermore, the centrality of the relationship with the customer constitutes a strong partnership over time.

ITALIANITY: that is, being part of an international specialization system based on the best production principles. The products are born in Italy, using the best the market can offer in terms of performance, quality and design. and efficiency. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: obtained through the use of the best technologies and components available at a mechanical, electrical and electronic level, recovering thermal energy to be reused and for electricity savings on the consumption of our units.  RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CUSTOMER : so to meet the specific needs that are presented. In fact, their satisfaction is greater than ever. the best way to expand the distribution network and enhance its services. COLLABORATION: together with suppliers, partners, customers and collaborators to obtain the best thanks to everyone's contribution. INNOVATION: KTC believes in the constant improvement of processes and products and dedicates constant research and development and enormous resources.


INTERNATIONAL RELIABILITY: KTC has developed a network of branches and partnerships in 3 continents, Europe, America, Asia to always be close to its customers.

HIGH PERFORMANCE AND MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY: thanks to the use of the latest generation and highly efficient screw units, combined with high quality electric motors and a design that maximizes the performance and durability of all internal components. COST REDUCTION: thanks to maximum energy efficiency, as well as the possibility of installing thermal energy recovery systems combined with maintenance costs that are among the most competitive on the market. SUSTAINABILITY: By partnering with suppliers who promote company-wide awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to integrate the SDG concept into their management strategy. USER-FRIENDLY: by means of easy-to-use electronic interfaces common to all models, KTC achieves a remarkable ease of use of the products for the end user.



KTC is part of VMC World, the brand that brings together the best Italian skills in the compressed air sector: VMC's high technology, with over forty years of leadership in pneumatic valve and airend systems, the know-how of VMC Engineering and the dynamism of of KTC. Three synonyms for “excellence” brought together to offer a unique advantage in the world of compressed air in terms of flexibility, expertise and reliability.


KTC can rely on the excellence of VMC Engineering which, thanks to the Research & Development department, supports the customer in identifying the right solution for every need and in every phase of the process, guaranteeing unique and original solutions, studied and constantly updated for the development of components and products.


VMC Engineering, together with KTC, provides the customer with the most advanced solutions. high professional skills and the most; advanced design systems to provide quick and precise responses to the various needs of the customer. of the market.