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The true evolution of technological innovation

KTC is a young and dynamic company, that makes innovation and technological evolution of screw compressors its specific mission to meet the needs of customers with reliable and innovative solutions and products for a wide range of applications.

KTC about us - who we are

Policy for Quality

Our cornerstones: Quality and Sustainable Development


Our Policy for Quality includes the following aspects:

  • defining a long-term strategy with the aim of improving Quality of products and services, with the purpose of satisfying or better anticipating Customers’ expectations and therefore ensuring the existence and the growth of the Company;
  • ensuring that the Quality culture is fully part of the company working process;
  • fostering a behavior on behalf of Managers that, at all levels, contributes towards supporting collaborators in the improvement of the Quality of their work;
  • fostering cooperation between Collaborators so that it is possible to prevent promptly the occurrence of problems and avoiding negative impacts;
  • agreeing with Collaborators, on behalf of every single Manager, mid-long term objectives in relation with Quality, contextually indicating the methodology to follow and making available the necessary means for the realization of these objectives;
  • motivating all of the Company’s Collaborators, underlining that for developing a positive conscience regarding Quality, a common effort on behalf of everyone is necessary;
  • respecting security measures, health, work environment and surroundings safeguard in the act of supplying, transforming, marketing and using products;
  • constantly improving work processes, in order to ensure and increase Quality and productivity;
  • collect and process constantly customer requests and more in general of everyone involved, in order to comprehend and fulfil their needs;
  • setting an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual trust with suppliers, in order to guarantee that their raw materials and services meet our expectations in terms of Quality specifications as well as of productivity;
  • offering Company Collaborators training based on modern and rational criteria that is effective and contemplates management and business problem-solving;
  • disseminating the awareness that all organizational behaviour can me arguable on behalf of anyone with the purpose of their improvement, although nobody can give themselves their own rules unbeknown to Managers and the entire organization;
  • respecting applicable legal prescriptions and any other prescription that the company subscribes.


KTC’s philosophy pivoting on the possibility of making the most sophisticated technology of screw compressors user-friendly in each sector is concretely fulfilled with its ensuing advantages and benefits for customers.



KTC about us - made in Italy

KTC solutions are 100% made in Italy.

Each production phase and process in KTC undergoes strict controls and inspections by skilled and highly qualified staff.
The whole partner supply chain in its various phases is Italian and certified on an international level.

KTC complies with the ISO 9001:2015 certification regarding Quality Management Systems and that defines the standards of a quality management system for organizations.
To view our ISO 9001:2015 certification go to the DOWNLOAD page.

KTC about us - ekompact

KTC’s solutions adopt ekompact™ Exclusively

That is a state of the art compressor system whose benefits for customers, if compared to the traditional ones, are as follows:

  • matchless compactness
  • minimized overall dimensions
  • strong eco-sustainability
  • low noise levels
  • easy and economical maintenance
  • low running costs
  • longer product lifecycle
KTC international partner

Reliability of an international partner

In order to supply customers with the most sophisticated customized solutions, innovation in technology and engineering is necessary, but it is not enough. Research and company development must always be customercare-oriented. This is the difference between a standard supplier of products and a real partner with solutions. KTC’s technical support and its skilled team carry out a steady consulting and assistance activity for each customer, both when a supply starts and when it ends: analysis of a customer’s specific needs, consulting as to the best and most suitable product choice, after-sales customer care with skilled and committed staff.

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