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Concept of “tailor-made” air

Innovation and evolution are essential goals for us

Innovation and evolution are essential goals for us at KTC. It is crucial for us to achieve them in order to make excellent, dependable and cutting-edge products.

For all users that need a screw compressor that meets their needs in terms of efficiency and ease of use, KTC implements the inverter technology so that the compressor operates according to the specific request of speed indicated by the user.

Power of inverter compressors varies according to a user’s demand. The electronic speed rotation regulation system of the air-end supplies the required quantity of compressed air, with no need for manual turning on or off, as opposed to a traditional piston or screw compressor that runs at maximum power all the time even for operations requiring minimum power.

The innovative advantages of “tailor-made” air are manifold and of such relevance that they form a true competitive edge in the field:

  • Optimization in terms of efficiency and energy saving;
  • Optimization of environmental sustainability standards due to reduced energy consumption and lower sound level;
  • Optimization of business process management thanks to no downtime caused by overheating, typical of piston compressor;
  • Increased range of application fields of the product by virtue of its compactness.


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