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KME VSD: the latest compressor with Inverter technology by KTC

A series of screw compressors for different needs, with power range from 7.5 to 15 kW and direct drive

We are pleased to present our new series of inverter compressors: KME VSD.

It is a series of compressors that are 100% Made in Italy with remote inverter control, direct drive and fitted with Pack SMART.

Available with different settings in terms of power and accessories. The inverter engine KME VSD is designed to meet you compressed air demand, adjusting air production according to your necessities.


Compact air-ends integrated in just one system

Thanks to component integration and a scalable system, KME VSD is a line of dependable compressors and that guarantees the highest standards of efficiency minimum wear-and-tear levels.


Driving system

Direct-driven compressors with a 1:1 ration. This means that the air-end and motor, directly connected via a coupling, rotate at the same speed. This not only  reduces energy consumption and maintenance nee, but it also decreases the level of noise.


Air-oil radiators

Package model, with a wide exchange surface, designed to maintain a low level of flows and air even in an environmental condition with high temperatures. Vacuum-brazed radiators in aluminum alloy with highly efficient tubular parts


Sound insulation

The use of closed-cell insulation panels, care in components assembly, and the absence of transmitted vibrations allow us to achieve a minimum acoustic emission level. KME VSD is therefore suitable for all types of work environment



Air pre-filter and ventilation system

The KME VSD series is fitted with a pre-filter that guarantees the utmost protection of internal components, by filtering all of the machine air intake.

A high flow-rate electrical fan, almost noise-free, leads all the air flow into just one point, keeping up the right thermal balance for all the internal components.


Easier maintenance

All internal parts are easily accessible without any operating difficulty. Replacement of oil-air filters and filter separators takes place by simply removing a panel.

This is remarkably time-saving and cost-reducing.


Extended warranty

KME VSD offers you the possibility of purchasing extended warranty to make sure your compressor is always efficient.

Extended Warranty packages are:

SMART36m –

SMART48m –




They offer all of the benefits of a warranty range spanning from three to five years. This program is ideal In case compressed air is essential for your business processes. A specific maintenance program with dedicated kits will ensure you effective management, timely and financially competitive.

Extended warranty packages can be purchased with a simple one-time fee when choosing your compressor or afterwards.