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KLE PLUS, now in an even more efficient version

Find out all the new features of the updated version of Ktronic software

Investing in R&D to find solutions aimed at optimizing energy consumption when working with compressed air. This has (always!) been one of the prerogatives of KTC, which today presents the updated version of the KLE PLUS series.


This series, designed specifically to guarantee high levels of energy, is now even more efficient thanks to the software update for Ktronic 100. In the 1.4 version, monitoring and analysis of energy consumption through Ktronic is regulated by two distinct functions: the first allows to choose between two levels of pressure that -when activated - allow to set different work levels according to production needs; the second allows to schedule effective automated work dates and timetables. The timer’s functions can be enabled on all compressors with standard Ktronic 100 Touch Screen, like KLE PLUS machines. (IMG 1 and IMG 2)


With this update, you will be able to check the energy consumption of your compressor through access to the software’s recorded history, at any moment (IMG 3). It is particularly user-friendly: after initial configuration, you just have to connect the device to the internet in order to access all data you need wherever you are.


Efficiency is always under control: an e-mail service integrated into the system, in fact, promptly sends you notifications when the compressor needs maintenance (IMG 4). You will also be able to check promptly functions and diagnostics thanks to the remote assistance through EASYACCESS 2.0 and the Virtual Network Connection VNC Viewer, now available also for computers, tablets, smartphones with IOS and Android systems.


Choosing KLE PLUS with Ktronic 100 means working with a product that guarantees the highest standard levels of performance with minimum energy consumption.

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