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KTC had the pleasure of hosting "L'officina della musica”

KTC had the pleasure of hosting "L'officina della musica”,an event organized by the “Voces Clarae” Association, within the second edition of the Ottobre Musical in Creazzo (Vicenza).

The renewed spaces of our company have been animated by the Neuma Quartet, made up by Matteo Berlaffa (flute), Nicolò Andriolo (clarinet), Tommaso Gasparoni (oboe), Matteo Dal Toso (bassoon).

Their outstanding preparation and talent captured the audience. The notes of Rossini, Janacek, Bizet, Piovani, Zimmer, Morricone and Rota created a unique atmosphere. We would like to thank the Director Diego Girardello for this much appreciated opportunity.

The management is thinking about taking part in other cultural events to be hosted at KTC, a company that is glad to open its gates even to its citizenship and offer its clients not only technology and innovation, but also moments to be shared and enjoyed.

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