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KME B: all you need to know about it

KTC provides the right solution for your with the KME B series: available in different types

The KME B Series by KTC ensures the highest reliability, guaranteeing a low noise levels and a perfect alignment of the rotating elements.

Thanks to the system of sliding plate for the electric motor, the belt tightening process is made easier, allowing its accurate adjustment.

The KME B series entwines the benefits of a compact screw compressor,

with low installation and management costs and excellent performance,

mainly in the applications requiring continuous running.

Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation, cost and energy savings: these are only some of the advantages that you can benefit from by choosing a KME B compressor.

Last but not least the fact that there is no additional installation cost for dryers and tanks, that are already completely assembled and can easily be integrated later on.


100% Made In Italy, the series is fitted with IE1 and IE3 Premium Efficiency electric engines: high performances with low energy consumption that guarantee a longer lifespan to the product.



4 to 15 kW belt driving system

KME B series screw compressors can meet the most different needs, and you can choose from the different versions offered that vary in terms of engine power that ranges from 4 kW to a maximum of 15 kW.



KME B series screw compressors fully represent the versatility of the products made by KTC. In fact they are available in the following versions:

  • On ground
  • On ground with dryer
  • On tank
  • On tank with dryer


Compact air ends integrated in just one system

One of the distinguishing features of KME B is the top-notch pumping system. Thanks to the integrated unit, it allows minimum overall dimensions, grouping together in just one system the following components:


  • Oil-injected air-end
  • Minimum pressure valve
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Intake valve
  • Tank separator




Electronic control board

With a KME B series compressor you can control every function autonomously: the electronic control board is user-friendly, with a microprocessor that manages each of machine’s functions, from control of safety alarms (oil temperature, electrical engine, control of cooling electrical fan, maintenance time) to command systems (start-stop, alarm reset). The access to all microprocessor functions is protected by password (supplied only to authorized staff).


Air-Oil radiators

The wide Exchange surface is designed to maintain a low level of flows and air even in environments with high temperatures. Vacuum-brazed radiators in aluminum alloy, with highly efficient tubular parts.


Air-pre-filter and ventilation system

The KME B series mounts is equipped with a pre-filter that guarantees the utmost internal component protection, by filtering all the machine air intake.



Thanks to the closed-cell insulation panels, the attention in component assembly and the absence of transmitted vibrations, KME B allows such a low noise level that you can install it in any work environment.