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The “4.0 ready” screw compressor with inverter

The KLE VSD PLUS series has been devised to offer a range of screw compressors capable of optimizing energy consumption in case of discontinuous use of compressed air. The range features direct transmission with inverter and variable speed and is made up by different types that vary according to the Premium Efficiency IE3 engine power, from a minimum of 11 kW to a maximum of 55 kW.

With its inverter technology, the most cutting-edge in the field, KLE VSD PLUS offers high-level performance, with lower energy consumption and much lower environmental impact compared to other solutions. The series comprises also an innovative oil-removal device, for a longer lifespan of the product.

There are considerable advantages in terms of simplicity of use, reliability, high energy saving, low noise levels, reduced maintenance costs.


Basically, KLE VSD PLUS is capable of adjusting the rotation speed of its electric engine, hence the speed of the air-end, in function of the company’s compressed air consumption, with the possibility of maintaining the system’s working pressure constant.

The series is also equipped with a schedulable unit with a microprocessor that manages and monitors constantly the compressor’s functioning. Moreover, the The user-friendliness of the touch screen with Ktronic 100 makes possible, in any moment, the remote control of the machine thanks to internet connection. Performance and maintenance can always therefore be easily monitored.

As well as these advantages, those who uses one of the products of the series benefit from predictive maintenance, which enables to identify in advance possibile anomalies and to analyze the health status of the machine and it guarantees, therefore, the possibility of optimizing one’s financial resources as well as keeping a low carbon footprint.

Energy saving is always emphasized also thanks to the built-in timer that enables to adjust the daytime and night-time pressure of work. Total control of functionsn is guaranteed by the user-friendly electronic control that thanks to the registration of operation records provides the user with important data for optimizing compressed air costs.



 * KLE VSD PLUS belongs to the KTC PLUS series that is equipe “4.0 ready” technology, interpreting in the most advanced way the concept of Energy efficiency and and by harnessing the most cutting-edge evolutions of the digital world, in order to offer increasingly connected, integrated and “smart” machines. Highly efficient and totally digital systems that tap perfectly into the 4.0 industry era and that enable, in Italy, to obtain very high tax cuts.e che consentono, in Italia, di ottenere sgravi fiscali molto alti.