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KTC screw compressor: KME C PLUS 4 – 15 kW

Made in Italy Design. High standards of reliability and performance.

The KME C PLUS series is designed to work in any environment, ensuring ene3rgy saving, excellent performances, all of the innovative advantages of 4.0 ready technology by KTC and a long lifecycle of machines. KME C PLUS expresses its maximum performance in applications that require continuous use and it has the winning numbers to solve space problems guaranteeing loading gauge and easy installation.


The KME C PLUS is Poly-V belt driven and has cast-iron taperhub pulleys, to have maximum reliability in every work condition, limiting power losses, guaranteeing low noise levels of rotation and perfect alignment of rotating elements.

KME C PLUS can operate even at extreme temperatures, from +5°C to +45°C, and it can go below zero degrees by using a heating system and ISO VG 32 lubricant.

It is fitted with IE3 Premium Efficiency electric engines: high performances with minimum energy consumption that guarantee a longer lifespan to the product. Particular attention has been given to the making of the inner structure: the engine-compressor system and the main details for the functioning are fixed on a single supporting structure, with anti-vibrants that isolate all of the moving components from the rest of the structure and remain independent from the possible fastening of sound insulation panels

Maintenance can be carried out even before malfunctions occur, thanks to the capacity of detecting in advance the presence of possible anomalies in the compressed air network.

KME C PLUS is available in the following versions: on ground, with dryer, and on tank (with or without dryer). KTC guarantees the possibility of integrating the “on ground” unit, “with dryer” and “on tank with or without dryer” in a second moment.


With KME C PLUS there is considerable money-saving, in fact there are no additional costs of installation for dryers or tanks, that are completely assembled in order to avoid  common air leaks from connecting tubes.


KME C PLUS belong to the KTC PLUS series that is equipped with “4.0 ready technology”, interpreting in the most evolved way the concept of energy efficiency and taking advantage of the most cutting-edge evolutions in the digital world, to offer increasingly connected machines, integrated and “smart”. High energy efficiency and digital systems that are perfectly part of the 4.0 industry age and that allow, in Italy, to achieve very high tax reductions.

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