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KTC: Kompact Technology Compressor.

The new brand identity of KTC


KTC represents the evolution of screw compressors compared with traditional compressors on the market. 
The well-established know-how in the field and the constant activity of research and development of KTC are such that the company is identified with the symbol itself of evolution: the helical shape of DNA.
KTC features in fact a structural heart and strategic mission both deeply oriented towards technological innovation, which means not only a range of products with high performances in terms of efficiency and reliability, but also focused design solutions that enhance the company’s problem-solving skills.
KTC’s DNA identifies therefore with its user’s expectancies, that require a superior standard of professionalism, both in terms of total quality and in terms of versatility of use.
KTC in fact provides a range of products with a high degree of engineering of process, in virtue of the integration of systems with the VMC Inside components and the strict control of the certified production chain of suppliers, guaranteeing always maximum functionality of use to the user, optimized ergonomic studies and easy and good value maintenance.
With these business qualities in terms of process and product, KTC implements the great added value of 100% Made in Italy design and a commercial organization made up by an expert team of consultants and pre-sales and after sales assistance. 
This is the DNA that makes KTC stand out as a reference partner in the field at an international level inasmuch it guarantees the maximum standard of Customer satisfaction through its company system of total quality, as proved by the achievement of the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


KTC is “the evolution of compressors”.