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KTC PLUS, 4.0 compressors

KTC PLUS compressors and HMI Ktronic 100

Our PLUS series compressors are equipped with a control unit that can be scheduled and has a built-in microprocessor that manages and monitors the functioning of the compressor.

The HMI Ktronic 100 is provided with LAN net port for the data interconnection towards IT systems. The connection managed through VPN opening and with VNC app control allows the transfer of commands towards the compressor from any post fitted with specific management software.

Therefore you can give any setting directly to the compressor.

The Industry 4.0 system is equipped with LAN net port for data interconnection towards IT systems and furthermore, it has the possibility of piloting other compressors or supplying data regarding the compressed air production status.

Management through EASY ACCESS system and remotely allows full control of the KTC screw compressor features.

The Cutting-edge HMI touch screen Ktronic 100 is studied to display a simple and user-friendly design with the essential information that can be seen at first glance

In the homepage, the operating synoptic highlights the compressors phases from start to stop.

The compressor’s management system HMI has been developed considering the most recent requirements for safety at work.

Specific passwords have been placed where required on remote connections and related notices on how to manage safely the compressor.

The Ktronic 100 system is equipped with remote maintenance and control and allows to receive automatic information about scheduled maintenance and to analyze remotely alarms in progress and previous ones.

A specific menu allows access to the functioning features of the compressor. Through the registered and constantly processed data, it is possible to assess the functioning status and the efficiency of the system on varying the conditions of use.