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KTC tells you all about Hannover Messe 2017

Hannover in numbers | A fair with a strong international vocation | Digitalization and 4.0 Industry

Hannover in numbers
Over 6,500 exhibitors and over 225,000 visitors at Hannover Messe: the biggest fair worldwide of the industrial sector, growing this years in comparison with previous editions. Among the countries with the highest number of exhibitors, Italy placed itself third, after Germany and China, indicating outstanding interest for technological development in the contemporary industrial environment. As well as digitalization, the hottest topics have been co-bots (collaborative robots) and their implementation in tomorrow’s integrated industry and energy efficiency, underlining the attention towards environmental sustainability.

A fair with a strong international vocation
The over 70,000 visitors from abroad are proof of how Hannover Messe is always a Landmark in the industrial scene, moreover in these days in which 4.0 Industry has become a hot topic. The highest number of foreign visitors came from China, the Netherlands, India and Poland, the partner country that established a record with its 5,000 visitors. As many as 3,000 professionals arrived from the US, 2016 Partner country and proof of the long-term effect created by the Hannover Messe.

Digitalization and Industry 4.0
The 2017 edition of the Hannover fair has been of crucial importance in the industrial sector because it has made the benefits of digitalization tangible. We too of KTC wanted to make our contribution in this sense, by presenting the new products that employ “4.0 ready” technology. These are cutting-edge energy systems, well-performing, sustainable and that interpret in the most evolved way the concept of energy efficiency: connectivity through wi-fi access of our screw compressors enables them to be increasingly connected, integrated and “intelligent” machines, with allowing real-time remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. The German fair has been e real hub for 4.0 Industry, where besides digitalization the crucial role of interpersonal relations and international cooperation in the future business world. Personal relations and skills acquire strategic importance in the context of the fourth industrial revolution that we are experiencing.