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Compack VSD: at last tailor-made air


COMPACK VSD is KTC’s new arrival presented in worldwide preview at Hannover Messe, the German fair leading the Industrial field that took place in Hannover from 24 to 28 April 2017.

VSD is the top-of-the-range of the COMPACK product family, the result of the top innovation and engineering expression  of KTC’s R&D department.

It is an extremely well-performing compact integrated system with inverter technology applied that offers all professionals of the compressed air field custom-made air: if a traditional screw compressor or piston compressor works always at the same power even for operations that require minimum power, the inverter technology allows to operate according to the specific request of speed indicated by the user.


  • The innovative advantages of the “custom-made” management of the product’s power are manifold and of such relevance that they make up a real competitive edge in the field.
    Optimization in terms of efficiency and Energy saving
  • Environmental sustainability standards optimization, for reduced consumption of Energy resources and for the lower noise levels
  • Optimization of business procedure management for the higher degree of product efficiency and absence of downtime due to overheating, typical of piston compressors
  • More fields of application in virtue of its compactness and reduced acoustic impact