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KME PLUS series: discover all the features and accessories

Screw compressors for all sorts of needs, with a power range from 18 to 55 kW and belt-driven

KTC’s philosophy behind its products and solutions is based on its will of making accessible for every sector of application the best technology available in the field of screw compressors, even for small and medium power ranges.

Let’s go through the features of the KME PLUS series, extremely compact and functional, with noise kept at a minimum.


Ekompact inside: the evolution of compressed air

Even the KME PLUS series is equipped with the cutting-edge EkompactTM  compressor system, that offers customers several advantages, among which:

  • Unparalleled compactness
  • Minimal amount of space
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Low noise levels
  • User-friendly maintenance
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Longer lifespan of the product


Made in Italy: certified suppliers and high quality standards

KTC compressors are competitive in terms of quality thanks to their appealing design and innovative and flexible engineering, which are typical features of Italian design and manufacturing. All this is possible thanks to strict and accurate quality control in each phase of production and a network of certified suppliers that meet the high quality standards established by KTC.


KME PLUS is VMC Inside

The KME PLUS series is VMC Inside because it relies on the technology developed by VMC Engineering, the Pack Smart integrated system.

Pack Smart in fact puts together in a unique solution:

- Air-end

- Minimum pressure valve

- Thermostatic valve

- Intake valve

- Separator tank


High performance electric motor

The “PREMIUM EFFICIENCY IE3” electric engine guarantees compliance with the minimum efficiency requirements (MEPS) specified by the EU community. These first-class performances guarantee energy savings over time and the reliability of a certified product.


A soft start with our Soft Starter system

The optional soft starter system controls effectively motor start-up and acceleration providing smoother start-ups than conventional Start-Delta systems. The soft starter system improves start-up by controlling the power delivered to the motor, thus increasing performance and reliability of the entire system.


User-friendly electronic control board

A KTRONIC 100 controlled touch screen is optionally available for the KME PLUS series: you can easily monitor performance and maintenance from any device (mobile, tablet, pc, etc) with an internet connection.

A log of the working state of the compressor is automatically kept providing invaluable data when

optimizing the cost of compressed air.

The USB port can be used to: export compressor’s data for in depth

analysis, and to manage software updates.


Quick cost-effective maintenance

All internal parts are easily accessible without any operating difficulty. Replacement of oil-air filters and filter separators takes place by simply disassembling a panel, which is remarkably time-saving and cost-reducing.


The importance of keeping noise levels down

KME PLUS is fitted with a professional grade double thickness soundproofing foam with fire retardant and oil resistant characteristics for maximum protection and easy cleaning.


Extended warranty for even longer coverage

KME PLUS offers a choice of cover to ensure your air is always efficient. Warranty packages are the following: 

  • SMART 36m
  • SMART 48m
  • SMART 60m

They provide the benefits of a range of warranty extended from three to five years. This program is ideal when compressed air plays a crucial part in your business processes.

A specific maintenance program with dedicated kits ensures easy and cost-effective management.

These three extended warranty packages can be purchased with a simple one-time fee.