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COMPACK 4-5 completes the series of compact screw compressors designed by KTC

A concrete answer to users in the field of compressed air requiring a powerful, small footprint machine.

This is the latest evolution of the COMPACK series. KTC COMPACK screw compressors combine the advantages of an industrial screw compressor, with minimum dimensions and energy demand.  Thanks to the electronic control unit K-tronic 5 it runs all the compressor functions:

  • loading/idling cycle, 
  • working hours,
  • oil temperature,
  • working pressure,
  • alerts.

The COMPACK 4-5 screw compressor series offers a hands-on solution for all those sectors in which there is at the same time a need for power and reduced space. COMPACK 4-5 is suitable for continuous and non-continuous use and ensures energy saving as well as low noise levels.

Unlike COMPACK 2-3 which is direct-driven with direct start, COMPACK 4-5 is belt-driven with star/delta start.

Air release ranges from 460 to 650l/min at 10 bar. The Variable speed drive version COMPACK VSD reaches 680 l/min.


 All COMPACK 4-5 compressors are fitted with anti-condensation systems and are available in the following versions:

  • on ground
  • on tank (270 liter)
  • with dryer
  • on tank (270 liter) with dryer

Go to the COMPACK product page to find out more and see all details.