KTC - Structure and Organization

What makes KTC unique? Here's everything you need to know about this reality

KTC - Structure and Organization

KTC: Structure and Organization 

Based in Creazzo (VI), KTC is a leader company in the compressed air sector, aimed at innovation and technological evolution of screw compressors to meet the needs of its customers; belonging to many and different fields, with a range of cutting-edge products, and a series of reliable services, all the time, and all over the world. What makes KTC unique? Let's discover everything about this reality.

KTC: the Values and Key Points

KTC offers strong know-how, with constant research and development to support the evolution of screw compressors and technological innovation, without forgetting the importance of efficiency and reliability, as well as the availability of dedicated customer care all over the process, both pre and post-sales. KTC designs solutions that also take into account the speed of problem-solving to meet the user's expectations, both in terms of quality and versatility. All of this process is developed in Italy, and it follows strict control of the certified supply chain to guarantee maximum functionality of use. Plus, KTC products guarantee the best economic savings, and the highest standards of environmental sustainability, offering a wide range of cutting-edge, performing, and efficient, as well as unique, possibilities.

KTC: the Range of Products

-       KTC PROFESSIONAL: Technological innovation for all those professional applications that need a high-performance compressor in small spaces. It offers solutions that have compact integrated systems that guarantee both maximum power and minimum energy consumption. The compressors in this range consist of a latest generation pumping unit that integrates all the fundamental components of the screw compressor into a single unit, ensuring quick and economical maintenance.

-       KTC INDUSTRIAL: it is perfect for those fields requiring a tool that guarantees maximum reliability over time and a high degree of efficiency. The screw compressors of this range are compact, highly technological, and suitable for continuous use, combining excellent yields with ease of use and competitiveness in operating costs.

-       KTC HEAVY INDUSTRIAL: With this line, KTC offers complete solutions for the most different compressed air demands in the medium and large industries. The range of DCT Heavy Industrial single-stage and two-stage (very high efficiency) lubricated screw compressors adapts to the most varied industrial sectors with dedicated solutions for extended warranties up to 60 months that include scheduled maintenance plans based on operating hours.

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