Inverter technology

Get excellent performance and energy savings with KTC's inverter solution

Inverter technology
Within the range of KTC compressors there are also models equpped with VSD or Variable Speed Drive.
This technology is based on the inverter system to electronically regulate the rotation speed of the screw-motor unit.
The introduction of this feature allows the compressor to adapt its operating regime based on the workload required.
The VSD system can be configured on different models within:
-Compack series, with the Compack VSD group
-KME - VSD series
-KLE PLUS - VSD series
-DCT - VSD series
Why consider Variable Speed Drive?
Assuming a limited workload, the VSD technology allows the compressor unit to work at a lower speed, ensuring low energy consumption.
On the contrary, when the need for compressed air becomes important, the system automatically adjusts its speed,reaching peak performance in a few seconds.
Continuosly varying the production of compressed air according to the request means maximizing efficiency in all scenarios of use.
This is Variable Speed Drive technology.
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