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The new headquarters of VMC-USA

Relocation and expansion of the headquarters

VMC-USA is glad to announce the opening of its new headquarters in Statesville, NC, moving from its original location in Elyria, Ohio. The decision was made by The North American division of VMC SPA Italy, the leading and most innovative company in the compressed air industry. This exciting transition will decrease transit times and allow products to be readily available to ship to our partners.
This new location will provide in-stock components and spare parts. To better serve the needs of the industry and cut down on the lead times, the KTC brand rotary screw air compressors will be in stock and ready to ship. The new structure will provide our partners with first-class sales and service support.
VMC-USA is a company dedicated to innovation and technological evolution of screw compressors, to meet the needs of customers with reliable solutions and products for a wide range of applications. Together with VMC, VMC Engineering and KTC build the VMC World, the brand that brings uniqueness, responsiveness, competence, and reliability.
Production and engineering will remain in Italy, and VMC-USA will continue to provide superior distribution and service.