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KTC Air: the product range

Overview of KTC's products to discover the complete range and multiple options available

KTC is a leading company in the field of innovation and technological evolution of the screw compressor, and that has been solving the needs of its customers for years with reliable and cutting-edge solutions and products, which are useful in many fields. Thanks to KTC, professionals from different fields worldwide can have the best product on the market thanks to unique and original solutions, designed by KTC research and development department with VMC Engineering. To meet every need, KTC Air has a product range divided into 3 lines: professional, industrial and heavy industrial. Here is what you need to know about it!


The maximum expression of KTC's technological innovation is dedicated to all professional applications that require a high-performance compressor in small spaces. The KTC Professional line consists of compact integrated systems designed as large compressors. The compressors of the KTC Professional line guarantee maximum power and minimum energy consumption. They are effective, consisting of a latest-generation screw pumping unit, which integrates the fundamental components of screw compressors (screw, oil separator, thermostatic valve, minimum valve, intake valve), innovative in materials selection. Plus, with the compressors of the KTC Professional line, maintenance activities are quick and advantageous. 


This line is for all the activities that require a tool with maximum reliability and minimized power losses. These solutions, with very high performance, ensure the advantages of a compact screw compressor and reduced installation and management costs with excellent yields, especially in applications that require continuous service. These are highly technical products that allow total control of the functions with a user-friendly electronic device. The compressors of the KTC Industrial line occupy minimal space and guarantee maximum ease of installation. No additional installation costs for the dryer and tank components fully assembled a trick that also eliminates air leaks from the connecting pipes. Like all KTC production, the Industrial line is also 100% Develope in Italy, the result of design and construction of the highest quality that guarantees a longer life of the product. 


With this line, KTC transforms industrial ideas into strategic business benefits and offers complete solutions for the many compressed air demands of the heavy industry sector. Over the years, KTC has developed innovative products that bring operational benefits to all industrial sectors by providing oil-injected, single-stage, and two-stage air compressors for energy savings. Plus, KTC has developed accurate maintenance plans, technical support, and financial plans for each solution. KTC's specific orientation towards sustainable development translates into the particular attention paid to efficiency and energy saving. Every intervention in the compressed air system has an immediate and significant positive impact on costs and the environment. How? Through reduced maintenance costs with long intervals of scheduled ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, low noise levels, lower CO2 emissions, and thermal heat recovery.