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Mechanical Workshop

KTC: it’s ideal compressor for every mechanical workshop

In mechanical workshops, a good compressor always makes the difference and its choice must be evaluate based on its use.


In most cases, an air compressor is use to operate different tools such as guns, screwdrivers, nailers and spray guns.


It is also necessary to consider carefully what type of pneumatic tools will be use and the required airflow.


In general, the compressor technology with Variable Speed Drive - VSD is ideal for mechanical workshops, because it allows to adjust the speed of the machine and operate according to specific needs.


KTC, with its range of products, offers a vast assortment of VSD compressors suitable for every need that guarantee maximum efficiency at a reduced load.


The KME VSD series ensures maximum reliability at all times and in all working conditions, limiting power losses, guaranteeing a low noise level and perfect alignment of the rotating elements.