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Maximum protection of employees, suppliers and their families.
It is with this purpose that KTC has applied all the necessary measures since the beginning of the emergency to work in total safety.
A sensible choice that has allowed us to preserve everyone's health and we can confirm with pride that none of our collaborators are positive at Covid-19.
Now we have to do even more and we must stop all our activities until April 3rd:
The Italian Government Prime Minister Decree requires it.
We accept the challenge, ready to start again with you with renewed enthusiasm.


Keep in touch

Our staff that you already know, remains at your complete disposal as follows:
Ø sales assistance: click here (mobile +39 3423524393)
Ø backoffice sales/logistic assistance: click here (phone: +39 0444551759 mornings only)
Ø technical assistance: click here (mobile +39 3440366572)

During this period, the new order requests management and deliveries are suspended and they will be resumed starting April 6th.
We invite you to consult on our website the COVID-19 special requests section where you will find updates on important government news.