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New COMPACK 2 in two versions: ECO and SPECIAL


KTC presents the new COMPACK 2, designed in two different versions: COMPACK ECO and COMPACK SPECIAL.

The common features are the following:

  • packsmart v50 integrated system,
  • latest-generation electric motor “made in italy”
  • built-in 2.5 liter tank
  • high efficiency and low noise cooling fan
  • direct drive maintenance free
  • access porthole for easy maintenance and oil heat exchanger

Both models are 100% manufactured in Italy, extremely quiet and user-friendly.


COMPACK 2 ECO is equipped with an ON - OFF system with management of load/unload cycle


COMPACK 2 SPECIAL instead is equipped with K-tronic 5 electronic control with microprocessor for managing all of the machine’s functions, from alarm management to control systems. Access to all functions is protected by password.


These compressors allow you to carry out continuous work, with no risk of over-heating.


Available grounded, with 90 lt tank and with air-trolley.


Check out the ECO series brochure: