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The policy for KTC Quality is structured as follows:

• Defining a company growth strategy to improve the quality of products and services, so that they meet and anticipate customer expectations.
• Conceiving the culture of Quality as an integral part of the work process.
• Promoting a behavior by managers that, at all company levels, contributes to improving the quality of their work for all collaborators.
• Promoting cooperation between Collaborators to promptly prevent any problems and avoid their negative impacts.
• Agreeing with the Collaborators on a selection of goals in the medium-long term in relation to Quality, indicating the methodology to be followed, and making the means available necessary to achieve these objectives.
• Motivating all Collaborators, valorizing teamwork and common effort.
• Respecting the safety, health, and protection of the surrounding work environment at the time of procurement, processing, marketing, and use of products.
• Constantly improving the work processes, to increase their Quality and productivity.
• Welcome the requests of Customers to understand and fully satisfy their needs.
• Establish a relationship of collaboration and mutual trust with suppliers, to ensure that raw materials and services comply with quality standards and productivity.
• Guaranteeing Collaborators effective training based on modern and rational criteria to manage and solve business-related issues.
• Spreading awareness that all organizational behaviors can be improved with everyone’s contribution, but that no one can set their own rules without the knowledge of the managers and the entire organization.
• Respecting the applicable legal prescriptions and any other prescription that the organization endorses.