Easy maintenance with KTC filters

More accessibility to internal parts means fewer difficulties in operations as well as time saving and cost reduction

Save time and cut down on  maintenance costs. This is possible thanks to KTC’s filters, that can easily be located and replaced when necessary, simply disassembling a panel.


More accessibility to internal parts means fewer difficulties in operations as well as time saving and cost reduction.

KTC filters for maintenance

Screw compressors are equipped with three types of filters, which are crucial for their correct and efficient functioning. Each filter has specific functions:

  1.       Oil filter: separates particles from injected oil, both protecting rotors, valves and bearings.
  2.       Air filter: filters air taken in by the compressor, cleaning it from external elements like dust, humidity and solid particles that could harm the internal mechanical parts.
  3.       Coalescing Separator: separates compressed air from oil, which is then recirculated within the system.

It has a dual function in oil-injected compressors: keeping the temperature under control and eliminating the presence of oil in outgoing compressed air.

Air filters, in most cases must be replaced regularly.

Regular maintenance is recommended also for oil filters and separators, in order to avoid wear and tear of parts and even unforeseen downtime.

It is important to carry out frequent check-ups and regular maintenance in order to preserve the integrity of air compressors and to achieve top performances.



KTC Accessories: Air treatment KFE filters

Alongside standard filters for maintenance (air, oil, separator) KTC offers a range of supplementary filters.

KFE filters are entirely manufactured in anodized aluminum with inside epoxy varnish coating.

They guarantee high resistance against corrosion and wear-and-tear caused by aggressive agents, keeping a degree of air cleanliness during a whole running cycle.

Being based on the principle of solid particle interception, the range of KFE filters comprises various products according to the retention of emulsions (from 3 to 0.003 micron/m3).


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