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Compressed air is considered as the fourth utility after gas, water, and electricity in the field of food production and nowadays production processes increasingly rely on this method, considered a safe source of energy.

Compressed air can be used to generate a vacuum in packaging processes, for moving food or single ingredients at a very high speed capable of keeping up with modern production techniques.

It can be used also for food filling machines for filling puddings, cakes and for operating pumps for fluids that move liquid products in the production phases.


High-pressure compressed air generated by compressors powers blow molding machines, where pre-forms are heated and plastic is then distorted and blown in order to shape the bottle.

Compressed air is filtered to produce nitrogen, which is used for packaging.

It is also suitable as a clean medium for cutting products and peeling food such as fruit and onions.

Other applications are disembowelment, filtering, milk and cheese production and milking, humidification, tea and spices sterilization, chippers.

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