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Compressed air compressors are used in the textile industry in many ways: starting from air loom powering, to simplify the change of weave of the coil, water extraction and drying of dyed carpets that need to be handled with care. For this operation, after being dyed, they are placed on a suction roll that is connected to a vacuum pump that sucks the air and extracts about 80% of residual water.

Another way of employing compressed air is definitely in hose production, both for keeping in the correct position the final part of the hose-making inside the tube and for removing the hose from the tube after the end of the process.

Finally air compressors are useful on tables for cutting textiles because they facilitate the placement of heavy textile rolls that need to be processed. When the roll is in place, they create a vacuum, the textile is blocked in the desired position and in this way you can proceed easily with the work.

In the case of production of textile waste in the knitwear machines, these are sucked in a tank through the vacuum generated by side channel blower.

It can be used in a steam treatment of yarn to soften the structure of the fibers in order to comfortably stretch it out starting from the yarn rolled up in the spool.

Not only air compressors can be made for ordinary looms, for denim or polyester yarn, even rotary screw ones, with air treatment systems and automatic monitoring technologies, compressors can be specially-designed in order to satisfy specific needs, with targeted investments.

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