KTC sandblasting

According to the model, the tools you need for sandblasting can be the following:

-random orbital;




-dual action;

-twin-piston straight line;

-angle sander;

-palm sander.



Before purchasing a compressor for sandblasting, you should consider several factors: air volume, type of lubrication, horse power, and energy source. It is crucial to consider also weight and portability, standards that KTC meets thanks to the availability of compressors - single-phase, three phase and for gasoline engine.


Compressors for sandblasting require minimum 2 Hp power inasmuch they need a great amount of energy to push the medium. Some use sand, others use glass grains that are blasted onto a limited area.

In this industry an oil lubricated version with integrated cooling circuit is recommended, because it maintains  the internal parts at controlled temperature and it guarantees constant use with no interruptions.

Sandblasting is usually carried out on the spot, like for example for sandblasting walls or residential buildings: therefore portable compressors are preferable. These can be fitted with wheels, like COMPACK on AIR TROLLEY and KPM 3.5.

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