Fields of application

KTC products go beyond the traditional concept of screw compressor, by offering the market a breath of fresh compressed air.
KTC compressors are not only designed for the industrial sector. They are a flexible solution, safe and ideal for every kind of application field: from light carpentry to sprayvarnishing, from small workshops, to carpenter shops, utility services and also for woodwork companies, from mobile workshops to the agricultural field, from goldsmiths’ workshops to dental studios, from the textile to the food sector.

KTC products offer the market a new concept of compressed air and they represent the evolution if the traditional model of screw compressors.

KTC compressors are technological solutions, versatile and safe, suitable for several application fields:

  • Mechanical workshops and carpentry
  • woodworking and wood industry
  • workshops and small businesses
  • mobile workshops and racing
  • agriculture and gardening
  • special applications

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KTC represents an authentic evolution in the world of screw compressors.

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