How to choose a compressor for spray varnishing

Tips for getting the right equipment that fits your needs

How to choose a compressor for spray varnishing

Spray varnishing professionals know well the importance of having the right equipment for one’s needs.

In order to work efficiently, you need to know the air volume and pressure levels required for these specialized types of jobs.

Screw compressors represents and ideal solution for carrying out spray varnishing jobs, for example for car painting but also for woodwork varnishing or other materials.

Thanks to low noise levels and energy efficiency, KTC screw compressors are a solution that is suitable for all sorts of industrial and professional spray varnishing.

Choose the screw compressor that is right for you in 3 steps

  1. Check compressor parameters

The first aspect that you should consider when choosing a compressor is air flow, in liters per minute or CFM. This is because spray varnishing requires a considerable amount of air that injected in the paint, creating an atomization effect. You also have to consider power and PSI – the pressure an air compressor provides.

  1. Types of compressor: advantages of screw compressors

You can either use reciprocating or screw compressors for varnishing jobs.

However, screw compressors require less maintenance, and allow operating with low noise levels and are more energy-efficient.

You should then establish whether you need a portable compressor or fixed compressor.

If you carry out varnishing jobs always in the same place, like a workshop, you may want to opt for a fixed compressor, while if you need to transport the compressor in order to work in different sites, a portable compressor is an ideal solution.

COMPACK compressors can be fitted with a trolley and that way you can easily transport them each time.

  1. Other factors to help you choose the right compressor.

During the varnishing process, blemishes or moisture pockets may occur due to the presence of humidity in the air.

For this reason, the purchase of an optional dryer may be useful, in order to automatically regulate the air temperature and eliminate the presence of humidity, that could cause problems with the spray painting.

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